Windows 8.1

January 26th, 2017

Hey there guys,
sorry.. but i think my question isn’t really a problem but i dont know where to post that xD
sooooo here is it :
When i installed a Windows 8 64bit os on my PC and activate it with KMS blah blah blah… am i able to install the Windows 8.1 64bit os with activation? or is it gone then?
thanks for reading and i hope someone can help me :S btw. when the question is stupid in your eyes, sorry for that xD

Answer #1
No we need another stolen kms host key.
Answer #2
Using this topic, can I upgrade to windows 8.1 if I have installed windows 8 basic??
Answer #3
Yes just use your key if its legit.
Answer #4
thanks, its a pre installed in my hp.
Answer #5
Yes, you can install it right away if you are on windows 8. Its just an update not a new os, so maybe you just need to have a legit key for you to activate it.
Answer #6
Why not test it for yourself as a VM. You may find that your existing KMS may work?
Answer #7
existing KMS doesn’t work we need a new stolen KMS host key


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