[SOLVED] Third Hard Drive Added To PC

April 11th, 2020

I have just added a 3rd Hard Drive to my PC and it shows up OK in Bios & in Hardware/Advice Manager Disk Drives but not in My Computer. I have not fomated it yet and thats the only way I can see why it has not been seen in My Computer. Any help would be appreciated in how to sort out this problem – Thanks
Answer #1
Well dont listen to much to my words since i dont know that much about the ”guts” of the pc. But if it shows in the bios i would guess 2 things. Same as you that it needs reformating (but shouldbe possible in windows too). Secondly that it is fighting about a ”jumoer” position.. like 2 drives wanna be master or both wanna be slave. . . So you know if the jumper settings is ok ?
Answer #2
Try Computer management > Disk management….If it’s listed…Right click and see if the format option is there..
No…No jumpers..You find those only in the old IDE drives…
Answer #3
A drive that is not formatted will not show up in My Computer because it does not have a drive letter assigned to it. Even if the drive is formatted, Windows does not always assign the drive letter and needs to be done manually.
Right-Click My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Manager
Answer #4
You might need to go to disk management and initialize the disc first.
Answer #5
After formating you will be asked if you want to assign a drive letter…
Answer #6
there werent any limits for that in xp before any sp’s?
Answer #7
Thanks for the input guys – I was able to sort it out via “Administrative Tools” by allocating it a volume/letter therefore all so formatting the drive.


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