Receiving office mail at Home

October 31st, 2013

I just want to ask if there’s a way to receive office mails using office email address at home?
usually I received more than 500 mails daily at work.when im doing work from home my problem is im not able to view all mails because my online inbox gets full because of the limited capacity.
Thanks and hope you understand my question and looking forward on your suggestions.

Answer #1
Create Gmail account and add Email from your office to Gmail and you will be able to receive all (just a thought…)
Answer #2
Just set up IMAP.
Answer #3
Just set up IMAP.
Yup. Give your IT department a call and ask them how you can set up an email client on your laptop to access your company email account using IMAP (use POP if that is all they have to offer but IMAP is a better system for mail synchronisation).
Answer #4
Do you use an Exchange server at work – you can just set that up with your mail client.
I access my work e-mails remotely using Outlook Web Access.


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