PhotoShop CS3

January 14th, 2022

hey guys.i recently d/led photoshop cs3.then reformatted my computer and lost it.then i re-d/led it again but it is had photoshop image ready,where my version there a expansion or anythin i can d/l so i can add it on instead on d/lin another version..
Answer #1
Imageready always get installed when you install Photoshop…you don’t have a choice..even in older versions..
Answer #2
Imageready always get installed when you install don't have a choice..even in older versions..
yup, correct, maybe when you install your CS3 before, you miss out check the imageready during installation…..but YES when you install adobe photoshop, you get image ready
Answer #3
reinstall mate…
Answer #4
ok.i have photoshop cs3 extended.i re-installed last night.didnt even see anythin regarding image ready.and when i opened it up.there was still nothing image ready
Answer #5
same thing here. installed extended version of CS3 but no imageReady… I desperately need it…
Answer #6
Imageready is a program that only comes with the Photoshop installation. It, as far as I know, can’t be separately downloaded or otherwise obtained. I don’t know about PS CS3 but I think that obtaining a different version of the software will resolve the issue. Also, whilst viewing Photoshop’s main windows check for a button that would transfer you to Imageready. It was a feature in PS CS2 and I would like to believe that it exists in PS CS3 as well. I might be wrong of course so good luck guys and happy holidays to you all ^_^


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