No One Lives Forever 1 – Vista

June 23rd, 2018

Okay so i just installed my old NOLF1 on my computer. But.. i can’t play it. The thing is it doesn’t work on vista, it doesn’t work on compatibility mode, i just cant get it to play. What can i do?
Answer #1
Install XP back.
Answer #2
Make a partition and install an OS which it is capable of running on. (Onto the partition of course)
Answer #3
I ran Nolf with no probs on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit SP2. Run it in compatibility mode for windows 98
I ran skullptura’s RIP version with no probs
Answer #4
I can’t run it because i have 64-Bit version. And it doesnt work on Compatibility.
Look, i Like Vista, I don’t want to get XP Back. I was thinking on a more simple solution then installing a whole new OS.
Answer #5
i am not very sure but if you badly want to play that game , you install on a virtual machine a new os , xp for eq , that should do i think
Answer #6
Virtual OS? Like Emulate XP? Like those GBA Emulators?
Answer #7
Yea, i think thats what he’s talking about…
Try the software: Parallels Workstation; but you need loads of RAM though to play a game…give it a try though
Answer #8
Why not do what I said before?
Make a partition for XP, 20GB will do for XP and the game.
Answer #9
yes virtual os might help sorry for late reply btw


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