My computer is heavily infected!

October 13th, 2021

I did a scan using Anti-Malware and I found out my computer is heavily infected. Malware showed that I had 10.000 infected items which I immediatly deleted. I’m doing a second scan as we speak but I’m afraid that a professional hacker has used keyloggers(these were among others that AM detected) to get to my bankaccounts,Ebay, PayPal and other things. I’m asking on how to fully restore my pc and to, in the future, secure it against such attacks.
Regards, Lucifer

Answer #1
First if you have many virus,ad aware and stuff like that you may consider formatting as the best option cause it will take time and you might not even be able to remove all problems After that for your protection install either BitDefender or Kaspersky with superantispyware and they will keep you safe in some way.Remember thogh that you are the best antivirus so download stuff from tested post which have a good reply
Answer #2
i would also recommend getting bitdefender after a format. but if you don’t want to format try getting something from the app section. but it is as worse as 10,000 then yer a format is in order and stop downloading crap
Answer #3
First off like others have said with that big of a infection you really need to format your computer its unlikely u can clean everything out. Now if your worried they got ebay and your bank account info and such you might want to change the logins for them before u find out the hard way if they really have it or not. Now as for keeping yourself safe in the future first off stop downloading random stuff off the net as that’s probably how u got this big infection in the first place, 2nd If your downloading here look were the files are hosted normally rapidshare and megaupload are safe but some hosts are nothing but junk, 3rd check comments on the posts to see if others are saying anything bad about it, 4th get a good anti virus, if u want free get avg free and spybot if u want get nod32 and spybot just in case hope this helps and good luck with your computer mate
Answer #4
I’ve justed downloaded Hitman Pro3.5 and BitDefender and it seems to work out fine, both say that almost every ‘infected file’ is repaired or deleted and my computer is going alot faster. I download via rapidshare and BitTorrent, it might be best if I quiet the latter…
Answer #5
Format, grab Bitdefender and do regular Malwarebytes scans.
Answer #6
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