Be banned if you use level 55 rank patch with COD4?

November 17th, 2022

I purchased a copy of COD4 Modern Warfare, nothing illegal from “Game” shop, and I have seen a level 55 patch, if I use this will I be banned, from Punkbuster or what, I dont wanna be Punkebustered :S!
Its from Gamecopyworld btw.

Answer #1
Yes you will most likely get banned from every server you log into while using that patch. Enless someone is already running a private server or (by some miracle) the patch isn’t detected yet.
Answer #2
The patch as far as I know edits your user settings and your profile its a hex offset or something. I dont think you will get banned since its legit where you changed it. That is if your doing it this way. Its just a way of cheating to get to the top. i’m a level 29! haha
Answer #3
Don’t know if you’d get banned, but would you really want to use it anyway? Kind of defeats the purpose of playing games when you cheat
Answer #4
Well im actually really smiling of
I got the 1.3 patch and battled my way on to commander lvl 55
This took me blooody ages !
Then i upgraded to 1.4 and i get a error… somethin about it can’t read my old profile..
and i am not starting again !
I want a patch i have done it all ! and kinda smiling !
Answer #5
It works, you just have to rename ur pb folder while ur doing it..
Answer #6
I would not install that patch because you will be banned sooner or later, just try getting their the legit way, it is much more satisfying in the end.
Answer #7
It’s not when you’ve earnt it like purerussel has, I’d be smiling off too.


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