Windows false CPU clock reading

October 12th, 2021

Well to start off this is a really weird problem so i’ll post my specs
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 cooled with Scythe Ninja
nVidia 8800GT Cooled with Scythe Musashi
4gb DDR2 RAM 800mhz
600W PSU
Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM
So when i enter BIOS and OC my CPU from 2.4ghz to 3.2ghz the PC acts normally just like it’s supposed to(shuts down then starts up again bios readings stay OC’d)but when it’s supposed to verify DMI pool data it doesn’t say update success like it should,so the Windows read 2.4ghz instead of 3.2,then if i restart it the bios still says it’s 3.2 everything worked fine on 3.2 for like a half a year now this started
PS i have turned off EIST and TM2 and C1E so it shouldn’t be like the CPU is downclocking for power saving reasons

Answer #1
what OS?
use CPU-Z to read what is Processor’s clock rate, FSB etc.
also post screenshots of CPU-Z
Answer #2
post updated
Answer #3
Windows/CPUZ will not falsly report your CPU clock speed.
Either you don’t know how to do it right or the bios is buggy
might wanna check for an update , And when OC’ing you
would wanna do it MANUALLY not via automatic OC menus
if such exists
Answer #4
do you want proof?….the same settings worked two days ago now it’s not…i can take a screenshot of BIOS and post it here if you want
EDIT: sorry for yelling but this is freaking me out
Answer #5
This is strange..
what FSB you have setup? for 3.2GHz I believe keeping multiplier at 9 you’ll need to raise FSB from 266MHz to around 350MHz as 9*350= 3150 MHz
I suggest you increment FSB in small porions to see if windows detects OC
Answer #6
It could be that the OC is now failing as various capacitors have been worn out.
Answer #7
@nightmare but wouldn’t it fail or something…because the BIOS says it’s 3.20 and everything seems normal
@ FSB is 356 and multiplier is 9
EDIT: now i’ve set it to 333 and it’s still the same…but..i think that something’s wrong with the PSU because when i enter BIOS and set overvoltage to auto the graphics start to screw around and there are a lot of artifacts,the driver stops responding
Answer #8
well…. from what i’ve read so far you didn’t mention you EVER stress tested to test stability. can’t go & say an overclock is “normal” until you stress test it…
what i want you to do is download Intel Burn Test, Google it… run 10 tests, set it to Maximum, and then start. if it makes all 10/10 you’re stable, if it doesn’t… it’s an unstable overclock. you also just can’t go from 2.3>3.2… that’s a BIG jump. you have to take it slow, and only go in increments to assure maximum stability. also for example if you go from 2.3>2.6 for example, with just raising the multiplier, and all of a sudden at 2.7 it’s unstable.. you need to raise the voltage until it is stable.
Answer #9
voltage was auto set,i’m sure it was pretty stable as i played GTA4 for 4 hours without a single problem
EDIT: the problem isn’t stability it’s that i CAN’T OVERCLOCK!
Answer #10
setting the clock to 2.5 also didn’t work


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