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September 6th, 2021

so ive ordered parts to build a pc from overclockers.co.ukand since mi in northern ireland ive ad to use the 2 day DPD delivery that is scheduled to be delivered to me tommorow however i have usedvarious delivery companies in the past and have items delivered at all different times like royal mail always deliver before 12
wheres dhl hasnt deliverd until 6pm
so does any1 know if dpd delivers in the morning or afternoon?
id like to know so i wont have to site in the house all day waiting

Answer #1
I’ve had DPD deliver on a few occasions and they usually deliver around midday with next day delivery. It could just be the routes they use and my location as they always seem to arrive at very similar times.
Answer #2
I have used DPD on a number of times, using novatech.
Delivery times are random, as I live in N.I (Belfast) and have gotten the stuff I order at random times.
If its not there tommorow then it be the next day so just wait.
Answer #3
never wait around for a product you bought and expect it to the shipped early… that’s what i’ve learned. UPS usually ALWAYS comes to my house at around 8-9 at night, rather then anytime earlier in that entire day..
they take a certain route, apparently.
Answer #4
The DPD guy that delivers to my house (we get on quite well :p ) always does so early afternoon. As Marvel said, it’ll be to do with whatever route they take. Best stay in all day
Answer #5
DPD Two Day Parcel Guaranteed two day delivery to remote areas, offshore islands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Its never the same…


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