i am legend up for grabs if you give a bit of help!

January 9th, 2022

how do i remove watermarks? i have a dvd quality version of i am legend downloaded it needs watermarks removed if someone were to help me out with the watermarks i will upload it for you!.
Answer #1
Yeah i know its the I am Legend dvd scr.. yeah the watermark sukks lol .
1 think you can do is to edit the parts with watermark with sony vegas and put a horizontal black layer on the text .
Answer #2
Yeah just use a video editing program to edit it out, you cant just open it and go Remove > Watermark, not that simple.
Just use Premiere Pro (Adobe)
Answer #3
lmao you could export every frame to a graphics file and edit the watermark by hand using Photoshop, make it look reeeaaal good.
If your even asking this then I doubt whether you are up to the job.
The watermark in that movie is opaque so is fairly difficult to remove without blurring it out. Most people just cut the bottom off to save themselves the hassle.
If you want to learn then I suggest you start here>
I have the DVD myself already and had considered doing it myself, but I cannot find the time at the moment as I have more important things to do.


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