I am having problems with my BB storm 9500 camera !

October 24th, 2016

hey guys I am having a problem with my 9500 to start the camera . Every time i am trying to open it , it says that i have to close other applications first and after start again . Iam doing this and still the camera is not working . BTW on the downcorner of the screen when opening the camera , before showing me the message that is not working , i noticed that the zoom is not 10 / 20 / 30 , but it shows that the zoom is at 1000 !!! What shall i do to make my camera work again ?

Answer #1
i am having the same problem… it seems all you can do is reload the os and if you cannot get it to work ask for a replacement
Answer #2
I m afraight that reloading or even upgrading the OS will not solve this issue.
Answer #3
aha…maybe you prefer to give magic a go?


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