How to replace a language English to Croatian

June 30th, 2018

Hello everyone
I’ve just registered on this forum, so they do not cope well
I’m interested in how language forums will switch from English to Croatian
I apologize if the topic in the wrong place

Answer #1
this is english forum, jbg
Answer #2
this is english forum, jbg I know, but the poor cope
Answer #3
this is an english speaking forum so only english will be displayed and used as the medium here. You could use a translator like Google Translator or Yahoo Babelfish to understand what the person typed but remember that you have to respond in english. Do try to get the sentence order and grammer correct as well so we understand you better. Have a look at the english thread for more help
Answer #4
I know that the forum is in English and that all discussions related to English
Of course I will not reply to every post in English
I use google translator so sorry if the translation is not 100% accurate and if there are grammatical errors
I hope I manage to communicate with other users
Answer #5
I hope I manage to communicate with other users
You’re doing OK so far.
If somebody doesn’t understand what you say, just mention that English is not your first language.
If you meet somebody else from Croatia here, don’t be tempted to use the public part of the board to speak Croatian, but I’m almost certain you can talk to them by PM (private message), in your own language.
Answer #6
If you really need to have it in Croatian, here’s a link
About 95% of the forum will be in Croatian, slangs and uncommon words won’t be translated, enjoy
Answer #7
yeah you dont have to be 100% accurate, getting your man point out is good enough. Try to look for some Croatian members here and you can pm them for help on some words or in the english thread in OT you can ask for help on certain words
Answer #8
Google translate is good for single words. Not for whole senteces.
Btw, it’s possible to change the theme, so I think you can change the language too.
Answer #9
you can translate directly to the language you want each page with Chrome
Answer #10
I use google translator to translate what you do not know, but google translator is not 100% accurate when there are more words
but a good, important to me that other users can understand me and how much they
thank you all for your help


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