Food Spoilage

July 30th, 2022

I’m guessing this perhaps may not be the best place to ask this
But I had a frozen bag of carrots, peas, and corn that was left out of the freezer for about 2 days
By the time I realized that it has all been defrosted and felt like it was at room temperature It smells like defrosted vegetables (or at least, what I think it would smell like). Is it safe to re-frost it and eat it later? Or should it be tossed? Thanks.

Answer #1
Read here may help.
But ask yourself, is it worth risk?
Answer #2
You should never re-freeze (almost) anything that’s defrosted.
BUT… you should still be able to eat the veges with a few days of this event you describe. Maybe check for black mould patch’s or white furry patches – if none then it should be OK to cook and eat.
But refreeze for some months later? No – whatever might be there unseen now in a tiny unharmful form (now) will defy freezing and grow.
Answer #3
Better safe than sorry
Thanks guys
Answer #4
if cooked well now it will probably be okay because sufficient heat for long enough should kill anything that is unwanted. very little except for bacterial spores can withstand temperatures above about 70 C, therefore cooking above this temperature should kill most pathogenic bacteria. but it might not inactivate any toxins already produced. spores can withstand oven temperatures because some beneficial spore forming bacteria are being used in cooked foods
i would not recommend refreezing, that would be a mistake
cooking them if they have defrosted is not really any different to using vegetables that are stored in a storage rack. bacteria are present on them as there is everywhere so it is not worth worrying about
Answer #5
Probably still cleaner than restaurants.


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