Concentration Issues

April 9th, 2021

Lately Ive found out that i cant concentreate as much as I used to. Like Ill be studying…and then 15 mins later ill be back on or talking to someone on msn.
How can i improve my concentration time? I always find myself procrasintating! And its turning into a big issue for me cos I’m having exams (which i know ill probably fail). But the exams in 6 months time i CANNOT afford to fail.
Anybody have any tips for me?
And whats worse my Dad is always like “Oh you cant concentrate for more than 15mins etc blah blah blah” Uptil a few days ago I thought that he was just lying but it turns out i really do have concentration problems and am sorted like addicted to the NET and MSN.
Any help will be appreciated.

Answer #1
Give a vital piece of your computer to a friend, neighbour – this way you can’t get on your PC anymore. Trust me, it’s for the greater good and you’ll study a lot easier.
Answer #2
It’s all about time management and sticking to stuff that you say you are going to do.
Perhaps you need the PC for the work itself, so getting rid isn’t an option.
Maybe get a study partner?
Answer #3
Yeah I usually have the same problem, but it’s not like I have ADHD or concentration issues. It’s just I’m such a procrastinator that I will just tell myself I can do this a bit later etc.
You have a few options:
– take pills for ADD like adderall (not recommended as you will become a robot)
– smoke weeders (works)
– Isolate yourself in a room with no distractions (meh)
– Embrace it if you’re a kinesthetic learner (ex: listen to music/tv)
Also tell your dad to Kiss Me Quickly and get back in the kitchen, let him know you’re old enough to manage your work and you’ll do it when the time is right.
Answer #4
Well, I had addiction problems in my last year. And resulted of me failing and re-doing a whole year as we’re supposed to in our f$%#d up education system. That made me learn the lesson to focus on my studies. But for you, try taking a deep wide look on what will you be missing out on if you fail this class ? What are the side effects of failing? Because I think it’s better if you convince yourself in your head that wasting time on the NET isn’t worth failing your studies then you’ll be focusing more because you know which is important.
Hope this helps and good luck with your exams.
Edit – If your father saw you studying, he’ll mind his own business. If you exceed his expectations, you’re one free man . For example, when my last course was finished and I went to pick up the report card, I got 86% and every single part of my family thought I’d get less than 80% so now, they won’t even mention studying in front of me because they know I understand what’s hot what’s not .
Answer #5
Honestly this is what I did.
Skip as much school as possible and do as little work as possible. I pretty much got 40~’s in all my classes except ones I know everything about (history/tech/woodshop) which I would pass. The rest I would take summer school with a mark of around 40 which is just above the minimum for summer school.
15 days of fun and worth it for the 30~ days I would skip a semester.
Answer #6
try practicing meditation
Answer #7
try to go a little beyond 15 minutes initially (like maybe 30 mins) and when you feel you can sit thorough that comfortably, increase it a little again. With a little will power you should be able to do much better.
PS> you need to have enough time on your hands to try this though
Answer #8
cut your internet cable off
Answer #9
Get yourself away from the computer and study outside in a park, or somewhere quiet. Even in the garden shed or something.
Answer #10
this happened to me in high school except it wasnt the computer it was just video games in general, i ended up gettin my GED in my junior year but by then it wasnt just video games anymore it was drugs too. If ur addicted to the computer find somethin on the net thats like what ur supposed to be studying


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