Android Phone

December 31st, 2013

Hey guys I have an HTC Thunderbolt Rooted to CM7, and was just wondering if there was anyway around my problem, which is. I am using Dolphin Browser, and I go to Warez-BB or any other site to download movies/android apps, what my problem is that if I try to download something as a free user it won’t download, I mean it will download but it will be like less than an MB, but If I use a premium account it works well, it downloads the whole file. I tried using generators, they won’t work either. So I am just wondering, is this a browser problem? phone problem? or not having a premium account problem lol. Thanks for reading.
Answer #1
It’s a browser issue. Opera Mobile is the only browser I’ve seen that works correctly with all file hosting sites.
Answer #2
Thanks, for the fast and reliable answer!!


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