XBOX 360 Emulator

July 22nd, 2018

Hi all,
Short and simple question: Is there an actual XBox 360 Emulator at all? Googling only brings up stuff that is fake, hence why I ask the experts of the !
Thanks for an answer.

Answer #1
It is estimated that it would require a computer with ten times the processing power of an xbox 360 in order to successfully emulate games with a playable framerate
In short, you will mot likely have to wait at least half a decade for the technology and optimizations to make it possible
Answer #2
Just wondering, why does it need such powerful computers to emulate this?
Answer #3
Im not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with emulating the console’s architecture that makes it require a ridiculous amount of power
I think the ps4 and xbone has a similar architecture to that of a PC, and I would not be too surprised if it ended up being emulated before ps3 and xbox 360s are emulated For example, a game that has the gameplay and graphics reminiscent of a game found on a phone would run at about 5 fps with a high end computer on the legitimate and work in progress emulators


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