What animation software I can use to do this…easily..

November 15th, 2022

I wanna make one video, it seems to be simple, but I dont know how to do it, what programe to use…
What i wanna do is from this picture (elements)
Make one animation, simply that on pic this tower flashes or this bug buzzes… smth like in this video loudspeakers (and other elements) do…
—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds-1V2s9mig
i think its simple, and there should be some software allowing me to do this easily

Answer #1
Video editting software like Adobe Premier could do that
Answer #2
Thank you, but can u tell me is it easy to do for a guy like me (who knows basics and is okey with photoshop, and new technologies in general) and can learn fast but only if there is some good tutorial
im not in this branche, or native english so if u could tell me how is this specific animation called and what i need to google to find good tutorials to do that
any help is appreciated ;D


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