Video Buffer hangs PLZ help……

October 31st, 2013

from past 2-3 days what ever video i play on Videobb,Vtdeozer etc any site.. my Video hangs like they play for 1-2 sec then again start buffering for 1-2 sec it keeps on doing all the time.. before 2-3 days it was all fine, use to watch tons of TV shows online only and there was no lag not even a single buffer pause and now this is happening some plz help.. i reinstalled my Flash player but then only once’s the video played fine then it started doing again.. HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!
Answer #1
try uninstalling flash completely then reinstall
Answer #2
clean your browser cache/cookies and flash player offline local cache(from control panel then flash player)
Answer #3
Got enough free space on your C partition?
Does this happen at all times or only during certain hours? Maybe your ISP is doing traffic shaping during the day,Try loading em
after 12AM and see what happens.


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