unlock blackberry curve 8100

June 7th, 2021

hey guys, anyone know how i can unlock a blackberry curve 8100 for free?
Thanks in advance guys!

Answer #1
every blackberry curve has a diff code…I think you mean the curve 8310 not 8100….i had a curve 8320 from ATT and all i could find online was pay sites for a code….
so what I did was called ATT and told them i was going to Europe (i live in usa) and wanted to unlock my phone so i could use a prepaid sim card and they gave it to me…trust me if you do google searching online this is what EVERYONE will tell you to do…
Answer #2
cheers. i was looking at getting the phone off someone else as a work phone. turns out its a blackberry pearl and i dont like it lol. i prefer the curve.
Thanks for the reply and info.
Answer #3
yea no problem and yea the 8100 is the pearl yep…yea i didnt care for there keypads either its wasnt a “full keyboard” per say


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