Unable to drag files

April 10th, 2021

I have windows 8, I upgraded to the 8.1 preview a few weeks ago and noticed soon after that I cannot drag files at all. I can’t drag anything on the desktop, or from one file destination to another. I drag a lot of files, to keep things organized and things of that nature. Today I tried to install a basic windows 8 pro file, the OS I had before, and it was almost done but then said it failed because of a driver problem. Does anyone have any idea of how to get my files to drag again? I’ll honestly install Windows 7 or something if thats what it takes.

Answer #1
you are using a preview version which has limitations,
why not install windows 8 pro its great. and very fast.
Answer #2
computer > properties > advanced system settings > Advanced(tab) > performance try to adjust things there ,i hope it works
Answer #3
How do I get to properties?
Edit- Found it and messed around with the settings but it didn’t do anything unfortunately
Answer #4
Go to Start and right click on “Computer”, then click properties, like so….


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