Reason 5 question

May 30th, 2020

Hey, I just wonder is it possible to use Reason 5 just with pc and headphones. I mean without all the equipment: synthesizers, turntables, mixers, samplers and all that ~love~. I mean can you be a bedroom producer? Tnx for answers!
Answer #1
Yeah but you’d have to use samples (aka loops) in WAV/REX format.
Basically there are various samples (short takes) of many instruments.
These samples can be combined together,It’s also possible to clone
a sample multiple times so it’d loop,Overall it’s a nice way of creating
music but can be somewhat time consuming,honestly i don’t get why
you’d wanna do this,I see no point in making music for fun,Music should be
combined with vocal and this is clearly something you don’t intend
of doing,and just the record in case you do,Computer grade
microphones are not suitable for this at all.


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