June 6th, 2021

Hi i got vids on usb stick and harddrive anyway i can watch them on ps3 and what format they have to be
any ideas on how
thanks for your time

Answer #1
any mpeg will work and xvid divx encoded AVI files will too. To view them put in your usb, go to videos, highlight your drive….
Press Triangle, -> view all
then browse through unitll you find your video files.
Answer #2
yeah ps3 play most main formats just put usb in and go to the video category and press triangle-show all and your films will appear and then press triangle on each film and copy to hardrive
Answer #3
Your PS3 will play DivX/XviD encoded .AVI and .DIVX as well as H.264/AVC or MPEG-4 encoded MP4’s.
Burning these filetypes as data on a CD or USB Drive will be playable on the PS3 as well as the 360.


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