ProxyTube doesnt work

January 22nd, 2019

Hi everyone,
Im living in Germany and want to watch shows from around the world on Youtube particularly 4od Documentaries but even after installing the new version of proxytube I cant seem to make it work, can someone tell me what im doing wrong or recommend an alternative way of watching my documentaries?
Thanks in advance!

Answer #1
Try free vpn,
Proxy for Youtube,
Answer #2
Hey bro, neither of these recommendations worked, you can only access the specific youtube channel Im looking for from Ireland or the UK, do you know how I can do that?
Answer #3
Try this
Answer #4
hey , this worked so far as getting me passed the ‘this channel is not available in your region’ but would not allow to play any of the videos, I tried numerous ones several times but kept giving me an error! what could be wrong? or do you know any alternatives perhaps? ty
Answer #5
With that site, you can change your location, did you try that? I’ve never used it myself as my net is too slow to watch youtube.
EDIT: Sorry i first read your post as if you were getting this isn’t available in your region as the error. Try some of these mentioned here

Also if you’re able to copy the shortcuts maybe see if your can use to download them. Or let me know what you’re after and i could try finding them elsewher for you


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