Problems downloading with Internet Download Manager

November 22nd, 2013

I’m facing problems in downloading from File Serve with IDM as my download manager.
Many a times I have seen that the download stops midway and it would not resume unless I manually pause it and resume it again.
Or it would download a webpage on resume, even though I have entered my premium account details in the site login manager of IDM.
I somehow seem to get logged out of fileserve from Firefox and can’t seem to stay logged in, whereas I stay logged into all forums and other web-services.
Can someone tell me a solution to these problems or any alternatives of IDM that I can use?
Thanks in advance,
Any help would be much appreciated,

Answer #1
Might be problem with Login page in Firefox. Did u login to ~Disallowed~ with ur premium account and then open the link, u should get direct download link with resuming capabilities.
Alternative to IDM i would suggest
Answer #2
You should save your login details in IDM.
to do this :
Open : Download >> Option>> Sites logins >>
then Enter your premium account details there & then click ok.
Now your problem solved.
Answer #3
You can use Jdownloader, its very good…
you can use the link that vishnubabu provided


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