problem with 82566dc gigabit network connection device

August 19th, 2018

something wrong was happened with my etherent controler. It shows me message 31 – device is not working properly because windows cannot load drivers required for this device. Because of this problem I cannot acces to local network (internet ).
I am running under WXP Pro and have motherboard intel dp965lt where is ethernet controler. I tried to reinstall driver from intel dwn center but without sucess everytime this attemp finishes that there is not Intel adapter in computer.
After uninstalling original driver for this device and after rescaning a new hardvare system is automatically load old driver that again shows problem 31.
I am out of ideas how to make ethernet controler again usable and acess internet. Anybody can help???

Answer #1
Was it working before?
Have U tried Booting using F8 Tab ?
ckek the settings … Last Known Good Figuration
Answer #2
try installing driver in safe mode
Answer #3
See if this helps:
Also, there’re dozens of topics about this error on Google, here are a couple:


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