Problem maybe my system hangs randomly….reason possibly ps

July 27th, 2022

well i had to change my PSU since the previous one wasn’t working. now i have “COOLER MASTER”
CM 350 plus and i think it is the reason for my system hangs. It hangs Randomly at anytime and have to restart my PC.
AMD phenom ii X4 B55 processor
Giga-byte Tech M68MT D3
4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM
Nvidia Geforce 9500GT(SPARKLE)
500GB Hard DRIVE
do i need to change my PSU since I have been getting this problems after i replaced it PLZ HELP.
Thanks in ADvance…

Answer #1
Well, if it ran fine beforehand, I would say it is the likely culprit. Possibly not powerful enough. You do not say how powerful was your old psu. Also do you have adequate ventilation in your case ?
Answer #2
i think i had 600watt but not pure this is 350pure..
Answer #3
Go here Answer the questions and it will return the result.
Note � Make sure you enter single processor, having a dual core or quad core CPU still counts as one processor, as it uses one socket. Also make sure to leave the CPU load, system load and capacitor aging at the default settings for best results.
Also note that this site does not approximate how much power your system will draw, it recommends a suitable size PSU for running the system, so if it recommends 350W, then a quality 400W PSU would be a good choice.


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