Problem downloading from rapidshare using orbit downloader

September 19th, 2022

Hi guys it was fine until recently when i upgradedmy system to Windows vista 64bit version now i can’t download when copying link e.g. from thread. what happens is wheni select a link automatic download window opens from orbit downloader, if i select ok to download file it only downloads 15k file not the full file. but if i copy and paste the same link in another IE window and then same download link appears from orbit download. and if i select that it downloads fine.
it works fine under my windows xp which i use too on my machine in dual boot. i have saved password for rapidshare in IE cookie and also selected check boc for direct download.
anyone know the problem, could be to do with extra security in 64 bit or IE, then anyone has any idea how to bypass that.
I have also tried IDM to see if that is an issue with orbit, but having same problem there too.
any help appreciated

Answer #1
so i guess i am alone having this problem. Oh well, back to XP until this is sorted.
Answer #2
also got this problem
Answer #3
not alone with this problem
i ve got the same
yet i do not have a solution
Answer #4
Orbit Downloader cripples my whole Internet :S


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