PeerGuardian Alternative?

September 15th, 2023

I need a peerguardian alternative because PG does not support Vista x64 and i need to get my .torrent’s d/l’ing.
Any Suggestions???
thx in advance

Answer #1
Outpost Firewall with Blockpost plugin is supposed to work on 32 and 64 bit Vista (I do not use Vista so cannot confirm it). It is far more efficient than Peerguardian and can block massive amounts of IP addresses without overloading the CPU like Peerguardian does. Being a Firewall it works at the lowest possible level, blocking packets where they enter the PC. It’s the best IP blocking software IMO. It can whitelist any application you want so that an application does not have it’s packets blocked, which is helpful as otherwise browsing can be difficult as some sites would be blocked by a very comprehensive IP blocklist. Simply add all applications except P2P software to the whitelist and only packets associated with P2P applications can be blocked. All with very low CPU usage.
Answer #2
Hide IP Platinum


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