No Activation for Office Pro Plus 2013 Works on Win 8 x64

September 18th, 2022

I try all Activation (MTK 2.4.8, KMSpico last version, KMSnon v25, and more……)
Non of them activate Office 2013 pro plus on Win 8 pro x64.
MTK 2.4.8 activate Office 2013 on WIN 7.
Your help will be much appreciated, to activate Office on WIN 8.
Thanks !!!

Answer #1
Sounds like you got a misconfiguration on your Windows. At this point I would recommend clearing your KMS server and trying to add it manually.
I can also verify KMSpico works fine:
Answer #2
KMS is network based activation.
If you don’t have the necessary tcp 1688 rule created it fails;
Answer #3
I will be grateful to know how to clearing KMS server and add it manually,
How can I have necessary tcp 1688 rule created.
Your�s help will be much appreciated.
Answer #4
Friends could you be kind enough to help !
Answer #5
I am having the same problem but I do not understand
Answer #6
Office Toolkit the latest works just fine…. I got a new computer with Win8 on it, updated everything, uninstalled the office bloatware, installed Office Pro/Plus, used Office Toolkit it think it was called EZ-Activate button in the program, and Office 2013 worked fine.
Note I didn’t open Office before using the Tookit, don’t know if that matters. I think it did with previous office?


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