Need Help with a Windows 8 laptop login issue

March 15th, 2023

ACER ASPIRE S7 bought this from a guy on craigslist and totally got fooled. i had no idea that this was installed it came with a “Kiosk” that prevents you from creating any user accounts or make changes to any settings. Upon doing more research, I found out that this is a security feature that stores can install on their display models in the store.
When sold to a customer, the store takes this security off. The person that sold me this computer did not have it unlocked, and now I am stuck with this computer.
when you boot it up it goes to the desktop and functions like normal, just restricted with the kiosk……
so what would i do…i have purchased a copy of windows 8 and have access to use a external DVD ROM or THUMB Drive
Hopefully someone can help me remove this so i can enjoy the laptop i purchased. The guy seemed totally reputable.

Answer #1
If it were me, I’d use Hirens Boot CD, delete all the partitions and create new partitions to suit my purpose, then install the OS. I’m assuming the ‘kiosk’ thing is on a partition. Of course this partition may be hidden, so unhide all partitions before deleting.
Answer #2
Are you sure it’s not stolen then?
Answer #3
so this is possible to fix. I’m sure this guy didn’t steal it he just didnt know what he was doing I am supposing. I am hoping he was only doing good. theres nothing i can do now considering I spent $1050 on it.
so essentially get Hirens boot cd and I will be good to go correct?
Answer #4
I could not find any reference to Kiosk or Protection in a Google search of your model…So I guess you are just a user without Admin privileges..?
So hopefully a clean instal of Win8 should work.
Answer #5
You’ll want to format it as if kiosk mode is enabled there are probably loads of restrictions setup in the computers group policy. Just boot it from whatever windows installation media you have if your sure there is nothing you want to keep and external drives are disconnected… press shift + f10 type in the command window
Select disk 0
Then close and continue the install
Answer #6
Ahh, I found it now, kiosk mode, a feature built in to good ole Windows 8.1
Anyhow best to follow the words of wisdom from !
Answer #7
THANKS to all will be trying this out.
I appreciate the advice and assistance.
Answer #8
hey guys so here are the pics…before i go any further this is possible to fix via these above methods right?! THanks for all the support…MUCH APPRECIATED for real TY.
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