Need Help Installing Diablo II ISO Using Daemon Tools

March 28th, 2022

Hey guys, my mate is having some real trouble installing Lord Of Destruction using Daemon Tools, he downloaded the ISO and installed the original game using his original cd’s.
The problem is that now he mounts the LOD ISO and goes to install it, it keeps asking him to insert the Lord Of Destuction Expansion disk even though the installer opened and its mounted.
Any Ideas why its doing this… thanks in advanced
Oh and Happy Christmas

Answer #1
you need to get the mini image of the dvd/cd. not use the actual iso file.
Thats a good site
Answer #2
Will the mini image help install the Expansion? thats the actual problem is that it will not install the expansion from the virtual drive, it keeps asking to insert the expansion disk.
Answer #3
i have the same problems…. i know this site, but i can’t find the crack…
Answer #4
–> Y.A.S.U
maybe it will help….
it doesn’t work with need for speed pro street
Answer #5
May bye you need the new daemon tools that just came out.
Answer #6
Its wierd, he can install the play disc but then it asks for the expansion again and again, I’ll get him to check out that YASU thing… thanks for the help guys
Answer #7
have you found something new?
i can not fix it for need 4 speed prostreet.


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