mac os graphically better than windows on windows pc?

November 19th, 2022

Hey guys,
I want to buy a new laptop for my education and work and will use ot alot, togetber with photoshop like programs. But im really not used to mac os.
So i want to buy a sony vaio f series 17inch.. (exact type dont know).
But i was wondering if dual booting mac os will still improve it graphically. Like macbook is better than any pc running windows based on graphics and graphiceditting, on average. (Like macbook $1000 vsz sony vaio $1000)
What do you think?

Answer #1
Well If you Put All Together , You Should buy a MAC instead of WIN .
Even i am not use to MAC OS, Until Its been 11 Months . I see a big differences. You will get use to the mac within few days.
Also.. You have BootCamp Utility , Which can run WIN OS Wink . or Vice-versa .
Answer #2
Just get a mac, then you have all the advantages. It really doesn’t take long to adapt to and eventually, you’ll even find most things more practical.
Answer #3
MAC for the win!
Answer #4
sure win? get a mac, youll never regret dude!
Answer #5
MAC for the win!
That was useful. I suppose I’ll see you in browser battle threads posting FF FOR THE WIN!!!
If it’s for your education why not duel boot with this Linux for students
Answer #6
Please answer ‘WHY Mac?’ Thx!
Answer #7
The only advantage to a Mac is the exclusive software you can get for it like Final Cut Pro. If you’re using Photoshop or just Adobe Premier, Vegas or etc you’ll have better performance with a better spec’d PC
Answer #8
The Sony with Win 7 why because its a better OS can do more if you decide you want to do more with it.
Answer #9
Its not 1987 anymore.
A Mac offers absolutely no advantage for graphics applications.
For the same amount of money, you can get a higher spec PC than Mac.
Answer #10
But im really not used to mac os.
you say that you are not used to it, yet you have not try it…
if you get any problem with Mac contact
personally i have been using Pc for years and i was loving it, yet when i found Mac it is something else. Don’t know how to explain but its Graphical User interface is the simplest one to understand. Now i am using Ubuntu too, just to have a look at the other side of the Linux..
So if you have the money, go for a mac, you can dual boot it or triple bot it with Windows, uberstudent and Mac OS on the same cpu..
GOod Luck


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