LG 42lw650t help 3d

September 29th, 2013

Ive just bought a lg cinema tv and just downloaded a sbs 3d movie and when i play it its not right do i need different glasses.
Answer #1
when i play it its not right
Can you elaborate on this… What exactly is the problem?
Is the picture side by side? Does the picture look like it’s in 3D but the glasses dont work??
When I watch a 3D film on mine, I have a button on the TV’s controller to set it to 3D mode. I also have various 3D settings on my TV, so make sure you set it up correctly
Answer #2
I think you have to use LG 3D Cinema glasses..
Like Ashleyuk1984 says,the TV should turn the pix into a single one. no longer 2 pix SBS..
Answer #3
i have the option of sbs or top to bottom and other options just wondered if these type of films wont work or i need to download a cinema tv film
Answer #4
just changed from mkv to avi now works ok


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