January 11th, 2022

OK, Imagine this scenario. It should be easy since this happens several times a week for me:
You find a WaresBB link, you Flashgot the link, which activates JDownloader… everything is smooth. Then you might get distracted and accidentally close your lid to your laptop. Grrrrr. Even if this is for a split second and you race back to JDownder, it seems almost impossible to re-activate, force, reset the running (& stalled) download. My only option has been to delete the new file, return to the link and start it all up again fresh. This also happens with extremely long/large downloads when the laptop goes to hibernation and stalls the DL. My only workaround has been to start up iTunes and run music in the background to keep the machine alive and downloading.
Thank You for any advice. This is a much bigger issue when I travel to Mexico and the download speeds slow to a snails pace crawl.

Answer #1
Why not just edit the power option and change when the lid is closed to “Do nothing”
Answer #2
^Same for hibernating. There’s also a little program to make fast switches called don’t sleep:
Answer #3
i couldnt exactly get your problem , you are saying that jd stops downloading when your laptop goes sleep mod ? and u cant continue that download ? . unless your harddrive also shutdown in sleepmode or power saving mode , not only monitor , this shouldnt happen . also did u check if the server you download has resume support ?


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