How to remove girl shouting voice from a MP3 song ?

September 11th, 2023

hey guys i download & convertert a youtube vedio song to mp3 but there is some noise in the music its a 3 minute song so is this possible to remove that girl boooo noise !
i tried audacity noise removal option but its not working so can some one please help !

Answer #1
whats the song your looking for and might be easier just to get it without having to use youtube
Answer #2
link to the video..?
Answer #3
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Texas Homie

Answer #4
Well there is noise and shouting everywhere, I don’t think you can expect better than that from an live cam job
Answer #5
Searched for the song name here it is –
Try ripping it from one of the better YouTube videos (not live)
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Answer #6
hahaha ok
Answer #7
Answer #8
thanks sir god bless !


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