How ti fix my laptop headphones jack?

December 31st, 2013

Hey guys i have problem with jack,when i plug headphones sometimes i need to move it around to make it works nicely so i can ehar sound nicely.Like for example,i play song and plug in headphones and i hear it bad like on radio or so then i move headphones jack a lil bit up and is fine.I am sure is laptop problem as i tried few headphones and headphones works fine on my players and psp so….Help me please?
Answer #1
Your jack is going bad! What do you want us to do about it? My front microphone port does the same thing…
Answer #2
I jsu ttought u could help me fix it somehowe that is all
Answer #3
Sound like it’s busted..You can order the headphones jack from your laptop manufacturer and replace it if you are any good at soldering..
Answer #4
daxdax89 replied: I jsu ttought u could help me fix it somehowe that is all
Sure man, I will be over to your house right away!
Probably soldered onto the motherboard if its a laptop. You would need another jack identical to the one that is going bad on your computer to replace it. I doubt it can be repaired if it is going bad.
Answer #5
Ok thanks
Answer #6
Otherwise you could take it to a technician whose is prepared to do the necessary motherboard repair.


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