Harddisk error

December 31st, 2013

hi guys,
i have like 40gb left on my external harddisk and i want to put a file of 5gb but when i try it, it gives an error that its full.
anny help please?

Answer #1
Your Hard Drive is most likely formatted to a FAT32 file system. When your Hard Disk is formatted this way, you can only work with a file that it 4gb or less.If your Hard Disk was formatted to the file system called NTFS you wouldn’t have this problem, and you could work with files of all sizes
Answer #2
you can convert the disk to NTFS in a command window
type “CMD” into the search box
when it opens a window type
convert *: /FS:NTFS
* = drive letter you are converting
this will not harm your files, but backup any critical data anyway


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