Green tint on screen during dvd playback

April 27th, 2020

I bought a Sony BDP-S370 blu-ray dvd player about 5 months ago and during playback of dvds there is a green tint at the bottom of the screen. It starts at the bottom and goes up about 10cm and goes all the way across also. Tried like 10 dvds and it is there on every one. It isn’t the tv because it’s not there on my sky hd and ps3.
Answer #1
What’s your PC specs?
Answer #2
What has that got to do with a blu ray DVD player?
Answer #3
Oh, I assumed a drive you installed in your computer. Sorry it’s been a long day.
Try a different HDMI cable
Answer #4
Lol that’s ok mate, I’ll try that, thanks
Answer #5
Hi, did what you said and changed the hdmi cable and the green tint is still there on screen


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