Got a Problem

May 17th, 2023

I just downloaded this game RTC3 and when i click to start the game or do autorun it says that i have to put a CD in it deamontools won’t work.People say use a crack ( how do i use it,sorry i’m a noob at this )
And some say search for a NOCD patch Well the NOCD patch i can’t find it
Plz somebody help me…Thx anyway

Answer #1
Have you downloaded a scene release? Is it an Image File? Then mount the CD and look for a directory “Crack”, otherwise download it from You have to replace the original .exe with this one then.
Answer #2
Looks to me I already did it,I replaced it with the crack i used but now it say’s Rtc is not working aborting
Answer #3
Maybe your computer is not supporting. Check the configs. ill suggest to reinstall and then use the no-dvd crack on its better.


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