Good Old FPS Games?

May 19th, 2023

Which old FPS games do you recommend?
Answer #1
I had a lot of fun with Killing Floor, got it when it was on sale on Steam.
But I am not much of an FPS guy =(
Answer #2
Quake 3 Arena. I used to waste countless hours of my life playing LAN sessions on that game at the cyber cafe, hahaha…
Answer #3
Deus Ex…
Very nice, low system requirement oriented, Sci-Fi, good graphics game…
Answer #4
Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza, Black Hawk Down, Doom, Serious Sam, House of the Dead, Pariah, Rainbow Six
Answer #5
I would second Quake 3 Arena. Still a large community play online aswell so plenty of people to play with. Call Of Duty 4 maybe, may not be classed as old?
Answer #6
project IGI
Answer #7
Yeah, Project IGI 1 is great game, you really need to play it.
Mafia, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Answer #8
Answer #9
Contract jack, Half life, half life 2 ….
Answer #10
igi1,igi2 awesome games


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