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April 21st, 2020

I’m thinking about making a games website, with free flash games on it. It’s gonna be for school, so in registrations its gonna have say 1,200 on at 8:40-9:00, and I’ve got 500GB of Bandwith, so yeah.
Anyway, I’ve got hosting sorted just wondering where I would start, I cannot code too good, I suck even at HTML (Im 14)
Anyway, I was thinking of a SMF type arcade, but I want seperate forums, I wanna make a website with a few 100 games, maybe we’ll grow.

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so whats your question?
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I need help on how to get an arcade, hopefully free where it has tons of games, and some which I can add.
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i dont think that u can add others games to ur website, if u r serious then i think u have to make ur own games no matter how they look and how they are, else i m sorry i just want to help u…..
I and my friend have made some games in visual basic 6.0 (2D), and we have taken about 6 months to make about 8 to 10 games and they r incomplete too. But the thing is that it is quite easy and fun to make games on flash but u have to learn it first and i think u have to gave about 6 months or more (seriously) to learn and i think after that u can make some good games for u, since u r not very old like me so u can start learning and u will become good game maker when u reach to my age that is 23.
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bLizZ. wrote: Select all

so whats your question?
Great point.
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You may need to find a free or paid for arcade game script for your site.
Then add games to it and customize it to your liking.
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HTML is easy enough, no age required
BUT, if you intend to host a lot of games, your looking at a php/database solution.
Regarding games, there are free games on a lot of sites that you can upload to your own site, such as this:
are you really going to have 1200 people on your site at the same time?
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Thanks alot , maybe not 1200 on at same time, but at least 300, most of our year will be.
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you kinda will need a little flash + HTML + perhaps PHP? knowledge (unless dreamweaver has a feature) to implement the games/scores/server etc.
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I can help you PM me