Epson R285 printer with ciss ink not working! Help please

May 28th, 2020

I bought a printer and ciss system from ebay and have said it up as far as I can see to plan, but the orange ink light is on and the power button just keeps flashing!!!
any help pleeeease??

Answer #1
Run the utility in the printer properties and find out which ink cartridge needs replacing…Until you replace them the printer will refuse to function…even if you think the ink cartridge is full and the printer says is empty…that’s Epson printers for you…They suck…
Answer #2
hi thanks for reply, its saying all the inks have red crosses on them-but they’re all full-its brand new!
Answer #3
Yea…I know…I had an Epson Photo printer before…Replaced 5 ink cartridges…The next day it says all the ink cartridgesare empty…So I smashed it on the floor and swore never to buy Epson printers again…I brought Canon…6 months now and I haven’t replaced one single cartrage…
Answer #4
ah crap! so theres no way of telling the printer to shut the hell up and get on wit it (reset button or something)???


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