August 4th, 2016

Hi im all new to this downloading so im looking for some info on how to download ie when I copy and paste the link and open up in a new tab in safelinking nothing happens , Probably doing something daft so any help would be great .

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Answer #2
When you say nothing happens, are you referring to how the safelinking site is unresponsive, or nothing shows up at all (page remains blank) Upon entering the safelinking page, you generally have to enter a captcha, where then you will be redirected onto a page with all the link(s)
You just have to clink on the link(s), and it would redirect you to a filehoster site, where you can download the file
Answer #3
If you are using adblocker you have to make an exception as the captcha code will not appear and hence it won’t display any info.
Answer #4
Don’t have that problem with Adblock + (in firefox) myself, Rick.
Answer #5
I sometimes have problems with captcha loading with ABP turned on. But i loaded a link yesterday and it said, failed to connect. So it could of been a problem with safelinking site at time you tried.
Answer #6
Don't have that problem with Adblock + (in firefox) myself, Rick.
I didn’t at one time, and then very recently, captchas stopped showing up.
The something I blocked has to do with a NEW pop-under they have added to safelinking. If you have that popunder address being blocked, you don’t get the captcha and you can’t continue!


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