Can I use phone battery if not used for 18 months?

April 12th, 2021

about 18 months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 and purchased a new, higher capacity battery at the same time. I used the battery I got with the phone for about a week and then started using the new battery from then on. When I last used the given samsung battery I completely drained it and haven’t used it since. If I wanted to use this battery now would it be safe to even though it hasn’t been used for 18 months? And if so, will be perform well enough?
Answer #1
It might not performing well but it is still safe to use even it hasn’t been used for 18 months…
Try charging the battery and see how it perform.
I have a Nokia 3310 before which haven’t used for more than 1 years,
I tried to charge it and it is still working
Answer #2
For a modern battery it’s best to keep a charge in it rather than keep it for long periods of time without it being charged up. You may just experience deteoriated performance but it should still work.
Answer #3
thanks a lot for the replies, it didn’t work at all lol. The battery I purchased is still under warranty so the manufacturer is sending me a new one


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