Call of duty Black ops SKIDROW steam_api.dll

May 16th, 2023

I downloaded the SKIDROW of black ops.
i satrt and then it says “steam_api.dll” HELP
i already downloaded steam

Answer #1
If you downloaded the SKIDROW release as you said…you should know that steam_api.dll is one of the crack files…
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Answer #2
See if helps:
Answer #3
Ill try that link. Thanks Speedle.
Answer #4
Ok this is what i have. What am i supposed to do with it? When I open the Steam appid text thing all it says is 42007.
Image Link:
Answer #5
Paste all those files in Black Ops directory. It needs to ask to replace, when it says so, replace it.
Answer #6
Yeah… I dont know where the black ops directory is. im new here. Razz
Answer #7
It should be around this path:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Black Ops.
I have the game installed on other folder, you should have yours on the default one.
Answer #8
how come i don’t have it? lol do i need to make it or sumtin.
Answer #9
Well, it’s kind of hard this way, i don’t know if you changed the games directory while installing it.
Do you have a shorcut of the game? The blue one? Right click on it, Properties � Open File Location, and it’s on that folder that you must paste all thoses files. Good luck. Wink
Answer #10
If i don’t have it can i just make it?
Answer #11
What do you mean by making it? Smile
Answer #12
lI just make the folders where they’re supposed to be and put the files inside.
Answer #13
No you can’t, you need to replace the original game files to those you shown above.
Answer #14
Then how do i get that?!
Answer #15
copy the files that you need to paste, go to the games directory, if you happen to unsure where it is, right click the game shortcut then properties then click on open file location. there! paste all the files that you download into it and click copy and replace when it ask you on confirmation.
Answer #16
did you even install the game ?
Answer #17
did you even install the game ?
That’s a point!~
You mount the ISO with Daemon Tools or whatever and then run setup.exe to install it..
It should then be found in C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty-Black ops… and you should get a desktop shortcut to it.
You can then do the patching as suggested.(copying the patch files to the install directory and overwriting existing ones).


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