WinXP RAM problem!

April 3rd, 2017

hi, i upgrade my pc .. here is my config :
Processor : Intel Core i3 Motherboard : Intel DH55PJ
AGP : Nvidia Geforece N250 GTS 1GB DDR3
OS : Microsoft WinXP SP3
and etc..
but problem is my OS only show ram 3.24 GB? while i have 4GB.. i knew that 32bit OS support max 4GB ram, that’s why i purchase upto 4GB but.. it only show/use 3.24
can any expert help me out how to use full capacity of my ram.. without changing OS.. (to win7 or whatever)
please some on help me out
best regards!

Answer #1
32bit only shows roughly the first 3.5GB, the only way to use all the RAM is to upgrade the OS.
And what is the poll for?
Answer #2
It’s right, look here:
Answer #3
32 bit isn’t 4GB max memory it’s 4GB max address space and the PC hardware uses up part of that address space to access hardware such as sound card, graphics card hardware and memory, USB controllers etc Once you take all that off the 4GB address space you are left with around 3.25GB for the actual memory. The rest cannot be used by most 32bit Windows.
The only way to use all your 4GB of memory is to use a 64 bit OS.
Answer #4
hi, guys thanks all of your for your fast reply, but i am sorry to say.. that i know most of them.. but.. probem is i also heard that winXP 32 bit os can use full of it by using a command in boot.ini file but problem is i am not expert on that command, so , i am asking for some help
best regards
Answer #5
And what is the poll for?
hi, i thougt that many others user also can get.. help from this post.. that’s why i use that poll.. is there any problem?
best regards
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