Windows 7 Shutown/Restart Not Normal

July 26th, 2016

Just yesterday when I select restart windows 7 it goes through the normal restart process, the pc shuts completely down for about 5 sec, then lights up and turns back on and reboots normally to the desktop.Also,when I select shutdown it says windows is shutting down, the monitor goes to standby, the keyboard lights go dark, but the pc power buttons are still lit up and the fans are still going, and it does not shut down.Even in safe mode, when I selected shutdown it hung and locked up and I had to press the power button to shut off. Anyone have any ideas.
Answer #1
Do you have any software running for backups for example. You can set some software to run on shutdown. So you say shutdown, and the backup starts (or cleaning or defrag or whatever), and the computer can stay on for hours.
Answer #2
I finally got it all the booting problems fixed. I reset the cmos with the jumper on the asus sabertooth mb,booted the computer to bios, put in my oc settings, saved and rebooted. All is good now,no more shutdown or restart problems.


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