Windows 7 is not Genuine help!

December 8th, 2017

ok so I recently updated Microsoft Security Essentials and it is now telling me that my Windows 7 is not genuine (which it isn’t ) and will uninstall itself in 30 days time. Now I have been using MSE for a over 12 months now and have grown quite fond of it, is there any software out there that can make my copy of Windows genuine?
Answer #1
this may be what your looking for
Answer #2

About the program: Users who have installed unlicensed version of Microsoft Windows, as we know, can not download updates from the official site. So this patch and is intended to help to activate Windows, which after checking on the Microsoft site will be considered as legally purchased software.

http://~ Disallowed ~/dl/74393048/228fe3a/
Answer #3
here this is what i use everytime i install my windows 7 ultimate:
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/425090349/WAT_Remover_and_WInLoader.rar
Password is:
it works perfectly for me, that RAR has a Windows loader and a WAT Remover in it.
Answer #4
Just use removeWAT to solve it.
Answer #5
Just use removeWAT to solve it.
I have and it does nothing
Answer #6
For more info,WAT and activators:
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