wierd problem with video cutters

October 12th, 2017

When I’m trying to cut an mp4 video file using any video cutters, It says operation failed.
When I try to play the acutal file using the video cutter its gives out the following error
Assertion Failed for all the video cutters
The file is something like this
DvdRip – x264 – AAC – 1 CD.mp4
Can you guide me which one can process this type of mp4 files
Thanks in advance.

Answer #1
do you have all the codecs installed? like K-Lite Codec pack?
Answer #2
Yes dude I have it installed on my PC.
Answer #3
did you try cutting a different mp4 file? Maybe this file is having a problem
Answer #4
Try Boilsoft Video Splitter. I have split MP4 with that.
Answer #5
can you play it normally
what player
try AVIdemux or virtualdubmod (install ffdshow if not recognized)
or MKVmerge
(installing coreAVC (appz section) might also help as it installs the splitter)
those fail try quicktime pro, but think that will output in MOV format
Answer #6
I will try using boilsoft video splitter.
I’m able to play using VLC,media player with K-lite codec pack install
Installing ffdshow and opening with virtualdub says unrecognised format since its mp4.
Answer #7
boilsoft video splitter doesn’t help even
Media type
codec: avc1 (video)
codec :mp4a (audio)
this is the info what i get from VLC player when I check for the codec information
@ thanks man AVIdemux helps!!!
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Answer #8
it’ not x264 then, it’s avc1
that’s what was the confusion so glad one work, luv AVIdemux !


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