Why is Hotfile slow?

January 27th, 2021

For some reason Hotfile is going slow!
Its taking me about 30min’s to download an album “/ Any suggestion’s?

Answer #1
Theirs no much you can do, im getting a solid 800KB’s. Seems to be the speed varies between users, you may be lucky or not. Reboot your router and wait it out I guess.
Answer #2
if your a free user, deal with it. i get max 200kb/s thats on a good day. it usually comes around as about 80kb/s.
Answer #3
Free users gets low speeds. You are premium or free?
Answer #4
I prefer MU, it goes 2x faster than anything else i know ( non-premium) , i get speeds like 3mb/s , and then there’s Happy Hour , 2 hours of free premium options
Answer #5
For Free Users, MegaUpload Is The Best!


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